About us

We are set to be the #1 online tuition provider to professional accounting and finance students through the use of innovation and technology.

What We're All About

We are an online tuition provider for professional accounting and finance students (eg. ICAN, ACCA, CISA, etc.). We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver tutorial classes to students. We do not stop at that, we continue to mentor and give students tips on how to pass their exams and how to succeed in their careers.


Our Vision is to be the leading providers of tutorials to professional Accountancy students


Our mission is to continually provide tutorials to Accountancy students using technological advancements and innovation.

Lecture Methods

We provide intensive lecturing through three methods: Video Lectures, Audio Lectures, and Group Chat Lectures. This enables our students to get the very best out of every lecture.

Our Methods

  • We are committed to ensuring that our students pass at the first attempt, hence, we have gone further by providing various video lectures to ensure that they pass their exams easily.
  • Findings show that students remember 80% of video lectures, hence, making it the most effective of the three methods we use. Our video lectures consist of seasoned experienced lecturers and this gives us an edge over other tutorial lectures.
  • The videos we use are of High quality and High-Definition. We upgrade and add to our resources on a regular basis.

Audio Lectures

We make use of different high-quality audio lectures to deliver lectures to students. This is another effective method of studying as students are able to study on the go. Research shows that students are more likely to remember what they hear time over time than what they read.

Group Chat Lectures

We group students based on their courses and put a lecturer and mentor in the group. Group study has been researched as an effective way of learning and has been proven that students that engage in group discussion are more likely to pass their exams.

Fortnightly, the lecturer holds lectures with the students and they also engage students with a lot of group activities to help the students pass their exams. Our dedicated mentors do everything within their reach to help students pass their exams.

This includes guiding students on how to study, giving them tips on what to read, explaining how to answer examination questions, sharing details on how to maintain healthy lifestyles while they prepare for their examinations, etc.

Students also have the opportunity to network in these groups. A trial with us would clear your doubt.

Why Study With Us?

Best Lecturers

  • You will gain direct access to the best Accounting and Finance lecturers in the country as they prepare you for your professional examinations.

Resourceful Materials

  • While we give world-class lectures on our platforms, you will also gain access to multiple and resourceful materials

Low Tuition Fee

  • We ensure every one of our students has access to our program by charging just a token. We are affordable and flexible.


  • Every student gets to enjoy mentorship benefits throughout the study period. This is aimed at grooming them into professional, confident, and reliable Accountants

Free CV Review

  • In a bid to prepare you for greater career advancement, we offer a CV review for Zero Naira.

Flexible Study Time

  • Considering the caliber of students we enroll, we ensure the study time is flexible enough so it doesn’t interfere with their daily activities.